SP Madd Madison

“Officially Retired from our Breeding Program”

Sire: HV’S Hard Rock Harley

Dam: R Maggie of Wagner Farms

Madison’s Photo Album

  • Standing 23″ tall
  • Weighing in at 83 LBS

Madison was from R Maggie’s and Hard Rock Harley’s first litter. She was one of those pups you just could not give up. Madison is a stunning female and passed on her beautiful bully face, long legs, and happy-go-lucky goofy personality to her puppies. Madison is such a little goof ball but extremely smart and easy to be around. She does not care where you take her or who she meets she thinks everyone is her friend. Madison had 2 beautiful litters before her retirement. Madison will always remain with us here at Sandy Plains as “The Princess”

Pedigree Information:

Madison is a Hybrid American Bulldog meaning she has both Johnson and Scots lines in her. Her father came from Duel Grand Champions as well as weight pull Champions.


Sire: Hard Rock Harley


Dam: R Maggie


Full Belly Sister: SP Haley Monster

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