Health Guarantee

Sandy Plains Bulldogs – Warranty

The breeder certifies: The sire and dam of this American Bulldog are quality purebred, registered dogs with sound structure and temperament.

This puppy has been raised in a healthy family environment and is healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. This puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and is current on all vaccinations and de-worming necessary according to the dog’s age. For the purchaser’s and dog’s safety, this puppy has an identifying microchip implanted in its neck. The microchip information will be registered in the purchaser’s name. All microchip information will be turned over to the purchaser.

This puppy is warrantied to be free of any serious infectious disease at the time of purchase. If the puppy should become ill within the incubation period of leaving our home, we will replace the puppy with one of equivalent quality from the first available litter. We would require written proof of the illness by a licensed veterinarian. We reserve the right to have our veterinarian examine all reports of the illness prior to the return of the sick puppy. The incubation period is one week after pick up.

We warranty our puppies to be free of the following genetic defects for 1 year: Hip dysplasia that requires corrective surgery, eye disease causing blindness, bilateral deafness and life-threatening heart ailments. We require Penn Hip results, x-rays and purchaser’s veterinarian documentation for our veterinarian to review for hip warranty.We require purchaser’s veterinarian documentation for all warranty issues for our veterinarian to verify.

All heath warranties are void if the dog is currently or has been previously bred, seriously injured, malnourished, overweight, used for weight pulling prior to 1year of age, abused in any way or not cared for as stipulated in the signed purchaser contract.

Our puppies are apart of our family and will like to keep in contact with our new puppy owners. We love to receive stories and information on them as well as pictures. We are always avaiable to answer any questions!When you purchase a puppy from Sandy Plains American Bulldogs we don’t just take your money and run. When you bring home one of our puppies you are bringing home our commitment to your satisfaction with a happy, healthy puppy. From our Family to Yours.

Yours truly,

Tenille Thiessen

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