OTP’S Backwater Gator

Sire: GRCH Ozzy Ozzy Goetz of OTP

Dam: UWP Ch Jemm’s Michigan Mayhem of OTP

Backwater Gator’s Adult Album

Backwater Gator’s Baby Album

  • Standing 25″ tall
  • Weighing in at 100 LBS
  • NKC Registered

Gator is an outstanding ¬†breeding male at Sandy Plains American Bulldogs. He has proven himself as a breeding dog and has produced 3 fantastic litters with Ren-Scot’s Daisy Dukes! After searching everywhere for the perfect dog we finally found him. Gator has great conformation and movement and is very athletic. He is 100% Johnson bred and still remains very Bully but athletic. To go along with his superior build Gator is a very mellow sweet dog and passes that onto his pups. He is a gentle giant that is so kind to all the other dogs, us and our 1 year old son. He has truly been a blessing and we cannot ask for anything more from him!

Pedigree Information:

Gator is 100% Johnson bred American Bulldog. He comes from a long line of health tested dogs as well. His ancestors have competed very well in weight pull and in the conformation ring. Jemm American Bulldogs has done an excellent job breeding sound healthy Johnson American Bulldogs and is the breeder of his mother. His Grandfather Connan was imported from the Netherlands by Out Of The Park American Bulldogs and has won everything there is to win.

Gator Daisy 2015

2015 Litter with Ren-Scot’s Daisy Dukes

gator daisy 2014

2014 Litter with Ren-Scot’s Daisy Dukes

gator daisy 2013

2013 Litter with Ren-Scot’s Daisy Dukes

078Daughter- SP Ellie Mae


Daughter- SP Stella Rose

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