SP Alexis On Fire

Retired from Breeding

Sire: Ren-Scot’s Pink Floyd

Dam: SP Haley Monster

Alexis On Fire Photo Album

Alexis on Fire’s Baby Pictures!

  • Standing at 24″ tall
  • Weighing in at 80 LBS
  • NKC Registered
  • Hybrid Type American Bulldog

Lexi is one of the nicest American Bulldog females ever produced right here at Sandy Plains. We took forever to pick out this very special girl and we could not be happier with how she is maturing. She is a BIG female standing 24″ tall and is a real running machine. You have cannot find a more beautiful moving dog out there than Lexi. Lexi is a very friendly outgoing girl who loves all people and dogs and every animal in-between. Lexi has been retired from our breeding program. She had reproductive issues with her heat cycles so after long debate we spaded. Sadly we never got any puppies from this beautiful girl but she will always remain with us at Sandy Plains as one of our family members!

Pedigree Information:

Lexi is a heavy bred Johnson dog but does have some Scot lines in her. She is a true Hybrid. Her father is 100% Johnson and comes from some of the finest Johnson bred bulldogs out there. Her grandfather Purple Haze was 2008 NKC American Bulldog of the Year. Her Great Grandfather Candy Man was the first Supreme Grand Champion Johnson American Bulldogs ! He also held Weight Pull titles and Catch dog titles. Her mother Haley Monster was by Hard Rock Harley who came from a breeding between two Dual Grand Champions and weight pull titles dogs!! Lexi is the result of very careful breeding and selection.


Sire: Ren-Scot’s Pink Floyd


Dam: SP Haley Monster


Grandfather: HV’S Hard Rock Harley


Grandmother: R Maggie



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